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You’ve Got Questions. We’ve Got Answers.

To provide more information on how we care for our cats, we have provided a FAQ below. If you have any other questions not addressed below, please reach out to us at

How much do your Maine Coons cost?

The cost of each Maine Coon depends on a number of factors, including color and polydactyl status. Prices at Rose Moon Maine Coon will range from $1800 to $5500. However, each kitten is unique, and we reserve the right to price our kittens to match the circumstance. 

What do your Maine Coons eat?

Our cats free-feed kibble and enjoy a twice-daily real-food feed with a supplemental vitamin. The real-food plates consist of a protein containing cooked chicken, eggs, beef, turkey, salmon, or tuna; oatmeal, rice, or mashed potatoes; and a healthy fat of either olive oil or sunflower oil. 

How often do Maine Coons need to be groomed?

It is important to begin brushing your kittens early so they are comfortable with their adult grooming schedule, which should consist of once to twice weekly brushings. 

How old are the kittens when you begin to sell them?

We wait until 8 weeks before our kittens go to their new homes. This allows them time to fully wean and become accustomed to eating independently. 

What vaccines do your kittens come with?

Kittens will come with vaccinations contained within 8 week shots (12 week shots if the age is appropriate).  Regardless of age, all cats will come completely updated on vaccinations and come with a shot record for you and your veterinarian. 

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